Melissa Parke Rousseau is an Artist, Healer, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Breath + Color Medicine Guide, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner + full time student of plants, utilizing the knowledge + insights gained from her own intensive healing journey with advanced stage Lyme Disease to guide her clients into living their most deeply meaningful, authentic, + empowered lives. 

She is the founder of M.PARKE STUDIO, a holistic lifestyle journal to nourish mind, body, + spirit.  She lives in Topanga Canyon, CA with her love Sie and their puppy Yula. 

She is also the creator of Parke Rituals + Spirit Soak, a ritual botanical bath infusion line.

Parke Rituals was birthed during her magical journey with the Gaia School of Healing and out of her deep, dark, intense healing journey with Lyme Disease. After being submerged in treatments + protocols for 20+ years, her healing took a new + revitalized course when she reunited with the process of creating rituals in her self care.

Re.introducing herself to the exquisite beauty of SELF LOVE.

And so Spirit Soak was born.  Bathing in petals + leaves.  Hydrotherapy + plant medicine wrapped in one.

Her first blend Deep Earth was created to soothe the severe pain that can accompany Lyme.  And so she bathed and bathed.  And continued to come back to life.  As she was re.birthing + re.awakening, soaking in the healing waters, and drinking daily infusions of her beloved allies of Nettle, Schizandra, Comfrey, Hibiscus, Rose, Oatstraw and so many more, she began to also reunite with her artist self :: a part of her that had been extinguished.

And this time, as her internal waters began to flow again, as she was being nourished in so many profound ways that her depleted body was needing, her paintings began to also flow out of her :: in a lightness, a fluidity, a vitality, a serenity that had not been there before.  There are now three blends of Spirit Soak, along with Petals+Greens, an illuminating skin salve, that she uses for daily self massage.